P51 Mustang 'Voodoo'

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P51 Mustang 'Voodoo'

Post by GunnyMack »

Voodoo is one of the highly modified P51's that races at Reno each September.
IIRC Voodoo is the fastest propeller driven aircraft at 500+ mph!
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Re: P51 Mustang 'Voodoo'

Post by Pitchy »

Holy Ole Moly that sucker is moving and close to the ground too. 8) :)
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Re: P51 Mustang 'Voodoo'

Post by Bronco »

That is in what they call " the valley of speed " , west side of the course. If you can find a video in slow motion it amazed me to see that the props are almost angled strait forward, the first time is saw it. I got a friend who is up there for a week. Been doing that for years! I asked his to load me up on pictures. Hopefully I will have some to share here :mrgreen: Fingers crossed.
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Re: P51 Mustang 'Voodoo'

Post by Nazgul »

Lived in the Sacramento area for 9 years. Went to Reno Air Races every year. Awesome!!!

You should experience the start of the Gold Race on Sunday at least once. Imagine 8-10 planes diving on to the course at 500 MPH, each with 5,000 hp at full speed.

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Re: P51 Mustang 'Voodoo'

Post by Leverluver »

If you want the story of the Voodoo record attempt.


There is a lot of hubbub about the old speed records (Lyle Shelton flying Rare Bear a 3350 powered Bearcat at 528 mph) being retired. FAI (a French outfit) sets the rules which are a lot of stuff but they are the rules.

There was a video of the whole attempt but in looking for it, it appears to have been taken down. The first pass (there are four passes to qualify for the record) did nearly 555 mph. The sound of a piston/prop plane doing that speed is amazing; sounded more like a jet. Later passes were less and the last pass the engine was failing so the average for all three passes was 531+ mph. That's nothing to sneeze at but is a little short of the 1% increase over Shelton's record (although now not recognized) which is what they were shooting for. Even though Shelton's record was not recognized, they knew that it would be the one that everyone would compare the Voodoo record to. Maybe next year.

AHHH found the vid, it was on Facebook Turn up the sound :mrgreen:

https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_ ... 9512830594
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Re: P51 Mustang 'Voodoo'

Post by Tycer »

Enjoyed this very much! Thanks!
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