Happy Birthday Shasta.

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Happy Birthday Shasta.

Post by gamekeeper »

Have a GREAT DAY......... :D
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Re: Happy Birthday Shasta.

Post by Pitchy »

Happy Birthday Shasta. :)
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Re: Happy Birthday Shasta.

Post by piller »

Happy Birthday. How is everything? Hope this year is much better than last year for you.
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Re: Happy Birthday Shasta.

Post by Shasta »

Thank you for the good wishes fellas. Turning 69 today. I suppose I should give an update on my life after losing everything in the 2018 Carr wildfire on July 26, 2018.

A month after the fire we hired an architect that was recommended to us to draw up a set of plans for our new house. The cost was almost $4,000 and he said it would take two to three weeks. Unfortunately the guy turned out to be a crook who was cheating local fire victims out of insurance money. After my harassing him almost daily for nearly a year we finally got a set of plans from him without having to go to court, but the guy did get arrested and charged with felony theft for the others he had cheated that got nothing for their money. The plans he produced for us were not drawn correctly and it took three tries to get them past the city planning department, but we did finally get a permit to build. It took our contractor almost three months to get started on the house as there is a huge number of houses being built and not enough laborers in the area. Our concrete is done and framing is to start next week, but now that the rainy season is here things will likely progress slowly, but we are hoping to have it done by summer. Many of my neighbors have already got their new homes and are moved in.
Meanwhile I have replaced some of my bullet casting and reloading equipment and am back to shooting metallic silhouette. I was also fortunate enough to draw an elk tag and got a spike bull last September, so we are eating good!

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Re: Happy Birthday Shasta.

Post by 1894c »

happy birthday... :)
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Re: Happy Birthday Shasta.

Post by Pete44ru »


Thanks for the update, my guess is that the scumbag coughed up because he figured he might get shot if he didn't...…. :mrgreen:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - I wish you many happy returns of the day !

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Re: Happy Birthday Shasta.

Post by octagon »

Happy Birthday Shasta! Sounds like things are on the upswing your way, good news 8)
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