30-40 Krag Handi Rifle

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30-40 Krag Handi Rifle

Post by elmo123 »

I have a dilemma that you gents can help me with.
I have one of the last H&R Handi rifles made in 30-30 caliber with the micro groove rifling. I like the 30-30 cartridge and have 3 other lever action Winchester's in 30 WCF so I am not lacking for something to cast bullets through.

I am considering rechambering the Handi to 30-40 Krag simply because I have never reloaded the Krag so I don't have dies or brass but I would like to try the caliber.

If the Handi's were still being manufactured I would have already rechambered it so that's my dilemma rechamber it or leave it as is.

Your input is welcomed.


Lefty Dude
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Re: 30-40 Krag Handi Rifle

Post by Lefty Dude »

Leave your barrel as-is, 30WCF. I have a Handi barrel in 308 Win. They are out there. Check out Grey Beards Handi forum classifieds. I have several barrels for my Handi, 22 hornet, 44 MAG, 308 win, and 12 ga. Most barrels are drop--ins, some require a little fitting. Barrel fitting video's are on youtube.
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Re: 30-40 Krag Handi Rifle

Post by 2ndovc »

I find the .30WCF a very boring cartridge. I know, sacrilege! I'd do it, the .30-40 is one of my favorites!!
There's plenty of them out there and it's not like it's ever going to be a collectible.


jb 8)
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Re: 30-40 Krag Handi Rifle

Post by 3leggedturtle »

If your gonna be shooting alot of 220-250gr cast bullets at 2000-2400fps then it would be an advantage over 30/30. But then again if its a caliber you really want, then do it. Todd/3leg
30/30 Winchester: Not accurate enough fer varmints, barely adequate for small deer; BUT In a 10" to 14" barrelled pistol; is good for moose/elk to 200 yards; ground squirrels to 300 metres

I dont call it a 45 long Colt for the same reason I dont call it a 45 short Auto!
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Re: 30-40 Krag Handi Rifle

Post by KWK »

I have a .30-40. It's no trick to reload, but I keep it at the original sporting levels, 220 jacketed at 2000 fps (with 4895). If that's enough for you, then just throat your .30-30 long, seat the 220 out there, and get the same fps. Yes, the pressure is higher, but the Handi is strong enough and .30-30 brass is far cheaper and easier to come by.
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Re: 30-40 Krag Handi Rifle

Post by HawkCreek »

I love some .30-40 Krag!

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Re: 30-40 Krag Handi Rifle

Post by DocRock »

So, my name is Doc, and I'm a Kragaholic.

I have three Krag Joergensens, a Ruger No. 3, and a Miroku made "Browning" 1895 all chambered in 30-40. I have a Handi Rifle chambered in 35 Krag, pictures of which i recently posted here. And I recently purchased a Siamese Mauser action which I will likely build a 35 Krag bolt action rifle with.

So, I am fond of 30-40. The vast majority of rounds that I shoot, including in a local competition at 200 yards, are the 210grs Lyman 311284 over 23 grs IMR 4227. In the Ruger No 3, and in a Handi Rifle, you can load the 30-40 to near 30-06 levels and I like 175 Grs Verge VLD at 2650 fps a lot.

My 35 Krag Handi Rifle began life as a 30-30 ejector model. I shoot cast 250s, as well as 225 grs jacketed at light 35 Whelen levels.

I have three rifles in 30-30, including a Handi Rifle and I like the cartridge as well, but the 30-40,with that long neck and additional case capacity, is just more. I wouldn't think twice about remembering your 30-30 to 30-40. You will not regret it. It is the perfect single shot rifle cartridge and amazingly versatile.
Bill in Oregon
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Re: 30-40 Krag Handi Rifle

Post by Bill in Oregon »

Doc, awesome. I will hunt for your .35 Krag thread.
Some nice photos here.
Elmo, I like your idea, too.
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Re: 30-40 Krag Handi Rifle

Post by DocRock »

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