Nice Trade Coming Up This Weekend

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Nice Trade Coming Up This Weekend

Post by COSteve »

I've been thinking of retiring my Starline .357mag brass as it's got a number of cycles on it for a while now and as it's getting to reloading season for me, I need to decide what brand of new brass to get. Anyway, I'd talked to a group of friends who also handload and come to the conclusion that I'd give Winchester brass a try this time as there is some information that Starline's is a bit more brittle than Winchester's.

It's not an issue in a revolver but could be an issue in a levergun as the bolt's slight play can stretch the case head due to it's rear locking lugs and the slight play that causes in the 92's action. Anyway, a friend called me last night and offered to trade some of his new Winchester .357mag brass for some of my new Starline 10mm brass I got some years ago and haven't yet added to the rotation.

He finally got hooked on the 10mm after trying my custom Glock 6" G20L and seeing what a 10mm out of a 6" barrel can do. He's a dyed in the wool 1911 man and so he's been looking for one in 10mm. Recently, he found a slightly used Springfield TRP 6" 1911 in 10mm for a decent price and wants to give it a go with some Power Pistol and 180grn bullets. I can't wait to see how that heavier rigid framed pistol's recoil feels compared to my Glock.

Anyway, this trade sounds like a fine way to give Winchester's .357mag brass a try so we're going to trade 1,000 pieces this weekend. Just in time for both of us to get going on our fall handloading. I wait till fall and bad weather to do the bulk of my handloading as it gives me something to do when it's too cold or too snowy to go to the range.

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Re: Nice Trade Coming Up This Weekend

Post by Old Savage »

Sure, why not.
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