39A and Winchester ammo

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39A and Winchester ammo

Post by gundownunder »

I figure it's about time I posted a new topic again, and this time it's even "on topic"

About 10 years ago I had the barrel on my 39A shortened to 18". Since then my eyesight has deteriorated, as it does when you get north of 60 years old.

I've now ordered a custom, stainless 24" target barrel for it. That should be in the post today :)

That means I'm going to have to go through the whole process of finding the most accurate ammo again. The old barrel liked CCI Standard velocity, and minimag. It also liked Winchester SuperX.

That brings me to the reason for this post.
My Marlin has a problem with the Winchester ammo, so while SuperX was accurate, it wouldn't extract about half the cases.
I did a bit of investigating and came to the conclusion that Winchester .22 lr cases have a thinner rim than most other makers, which allowed the extractor claw to slip off the rim. I had CCI so I didn't worry too much about it. About a year ago I had to replace the extractor, as the old one was worn out. Still had the same problem with Winchester cases. I've noticed a few other people at my club have the same issue.
Has anybody come up with a reliable way to fix this issue, other than not using Winchester ammo?
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Re: 39A and Winchester ammo

Post by Jay Bird »

Out of dozens of rimfire rifle and handguns I have yet to have an issue with CCI Mini Mags..........they work and shoot with excellent accuracy in bolt, lever, single shot, pump, and semi autos. I buy this stuff by the case.....for competition I'll use mini mags and sometimes CCI Green Tag which nothing other than expensive match ammo duplicates. I also buy Green Tag by the case but it lasts a bit longer than the Mini Mags.

When you get that new barrel, just use CCI....it'll work.

As far as your extraction issue is concerned some 39's have that problems although the many I've owned didn't except one and it was a later production one...sometime in the eighties or nineties. Like you said, a change of ammo changes that. Filing a sharp edge on the extractor along with a slightly stronger spring might help. Maybe someone makes an aftermarket extractor that is longer than standard that will allow for custom fitting. Polishing the chamber will allow for an easier extraction. I've seen some guys at the club push on the forward part of the bolt as they are lowering the lever for a better bite on the rim.

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Re: 39A and Winchester ammo

Post by jnyork »

Friends dont let friends shoot cheap Winchester ammo. :D
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Re: 39A and Winchester ammo

Post by piller »

I have not had good results with Winchester .22lr ammo. I just try to not use it. CCI Mini Mag has always worked well in any gun I have used it in. I am not a competition shooter, but I know what has always worked well for me. Remington Golden Bullet .22lr work pretty good other than the occasional misfire.
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Re: 39A and Winchester ammo

Post by Thunder50 »

Winchester Super-x always worked very well in my 39A. Never a failure to feed/fire. One of the most accurate ammo that the gun digested. I will add that this was decades ago too. The gun just liked everything I put thru it.

Hope you get yours fixed and shooting well.
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Re: 39A and Winchester ammo

Post by ethang »

I have some OLD Winchester 22 ammo left that is very good. The new stuff.... not so much. Mini Mags just flat out shoot well in everything I have ever shot them out of.
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Re: 39A and Winchester ammo

Post by GunnyMack »

Back in 94 when I put my 1st 10/22 together I tried every brand of 22 I could get. While on vacation in Maine I got 2 boxes of the new fangled Federal Olympic stuff. It shot like garbage! 3 or 4 inch groups at 25 yards! CCI greentag would keep 10 inside a penny at 75 yards. That was a good barrel until I tried some Russian steel case stuff- had a squib during a rapid fire string and didn't realize it until the next one went off. Case seperated from the extra pressure and the barrel developed a ring about 14" from the breech. All accuracy went to pot. From now on ONLY CCI !!
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Re: 39A and Winchester ammo

Post by EdinCT »

I just replaced my extractor with a Wiesners. Mine was a spring steel one and I replaced it with one of these which required about twenty min on a oil stone to fit it but works well.

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