Got some range time in this morning..

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Got some range time in this morning..

#1 Post by 2ndovc » Wed Aug 08, 2018 7:46 pm

Before things got crazy. Made it to the range for the first time in a couple weeks, no one around, got all set up and the phone started ringing!

We've had some heavy storms in the area for the last couple of days and some new ins. damage claims started coming in. I had time to do what I had gone out there for, though.

My dad and I, along with our dealer friend ordered a batch of the recently imported Zastava Model 57s. Essentially a copy of the Russian TT33 with some differences. What made this bunch more interesting is that they haven't been fitted with a retarded frame mounted safety or giant import marks that you can read from the moon. Some brilliant individual figured out that they could put a Glock style trigger safety to get them imported without screwing up the frames of the pistols. I'd like to buy that man a drink someday! The import mark is tiny and on the bottom of the trigger guard, much like they were done in the '90s.

I ran a box of 70 rounds of Chinese surplus 7.62x25s through it without a single issue. It's no match pistol but it works perfectly. Cleanup with that old corrosive ammo is just like a muzzle loader. Lots of hot soapy water! The chromed barrels help too. :D
One and two haded at about 15 yds.

Next up was my Springfield 9mm. I've had a time with this thing finding ammo it likes. The gun is accurate as heck but I've had a hard time getting through two magazines w/o a failure to feed. I've tried several different mags, doesn't seem to matter. Looks like I finally found the one it likes. Plain old Winchester "white box" 124 gr FMJs. Shooting at 25 yds but I was shooting for reliability instead of groups. Went through two boxes without a malfunction, finally. About half at the target and the rest at the bowling pins and other hanging targets. I really like this pistol but was ready to trade it for a Colt 9mm Gold Cup.

I shot the Ishapore Enfield at 50 yds. with some PPU 147 gr FMJs. The PPUs are loaded pretty hot and groups were terrible compared to my handloads and Federal M80s.

Cleaned up and on the road to look at some flooded basements for the rest of the day.
It was such a nice morning out there, I might just do it again tomorrow. :D

jb 8)
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Re: Got some range time in this morning..

#2 Post by Ray » Wed Aug 08, 2018 8:54 pm

A good shower and soaking in 1/10 to 1/7 parts ballistol/water is the ticket....

Water neutralizes the salts and evaporates leaving a film of paraffin and mineral oil to lube and protect.....
m.A.g.a. !

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