Parts interchangeability - Winchester/USRAC/FN Model 94s?

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Parts interchangeability - Winchester/USRAC/FN Model 94s?

#1 Post by Naphtali » Mon May 14, 2018 7:15 am

Excluding cross-bolt and tang safeties, rebounding hammers, and other parts required for safeties to be used, Winchesters - be they Winchester, USRAC, or FN - appear to use identical parts made by different methods. For example, pre-64 cartridge carriers were forged (or, perhaps machined??), 64-era 94s had stamped carriers, and post-1982 94s (I believe??) reverted to a solid steel casting or CNC machined steel billet. And all versions of cartridge carriers for a common cartridge, for instance 30-30, function among all methods used to manufacture rifles. Perhaps Angle Eject 94s use different extractors and ejectors? It is equally likely that they are the same as non-Angle Eject parts, but located differently to move cartridge ejection toward the rifle's right side rather than up and rear?

Does this interchangeability occur with other 94 parts?
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Re: Parts interchangeability - Winchester/USRAC/FN Model 94s?

#2 Post by Malamute » Mon May 14, 2018 10:57 am

The AE extractors and ejectors are definitely different. I havent tried swapping bolts to see how they work in the receiver rails, but, they probably function other than the barrels having different location for the extractor slot. The right side cartridge guide is cut down a little in the AEs for the ejection, an older one may work if clearanced similarly. The AE right cartridge guide may function OK in a top eject, just have the AE clearence cut, which wouldnt hurt anything so far as I can tell.

I dont have much info on carriers regarding how they were made. Im fairly certain pre-64s used a forged carrier (then machined to final dimensions where needed). The post-stamped carriers, I dont know if they are cast, forged, investment cast, or what, they seem to work fine whatever method is used.
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Re: Parts interchangeability - Winchester/USRAC/FN Model 94s?

#3 Post by Pete44ru » Mon May 14, 2018 11:04 am



AFAIK, there are no FN-made Model 94's, as all post 2006 "Winchester's" are made in Japan by the Miroku Gun Co to metric standards.

The pre-64 Model 94 lifter/carrier was forged of steel & machined to specs: the 1964-1970 Model 94 lifter/carrier was made of stamped sheet steel; the 1970-2006 lifter/carrier's were castings (identified via the mold line running longitudinally down the center).

I have no clue, as to how Miroku manufactures the post-2006 Model 94 lifter/carrier.

Not many New Haven top-eject & angle-eject parts will readily interchange, but some can be altered to fit.

New Haven Model Winchester 94 parts and Miroku Model 94 parts interchangeability is usually a non-starter due to the metric sizes of the Miroku parts.


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Re: Parts interchangeability - Winchester/USRAC/FN Model 94s?

#4 Post by Griff » Fri May 18, 2018 5:41 pm

I guess that since FN bailed out USRAC back in the '90s to become their largest lien holder... you could say those are FN produced guns... and since FN owns Miroku, maybe even they can be called FN produced mdl 94s... :twisted:

But, in answer to the OP... just about everything on US produced mdl94s will interchange. The exception list is shorter than what will. This includes, Ejectors, Bolt, the rebounding hammer, trigger & sear parts, and the crossbolt safety parts. However, if you wanted to install a rebounding hammer in your pre-64 mdl 94, it could be done... just have to replace all the parts along with a new lower tang. There are a couple of differences between the different mdl 94s... and some where the old became new again... take the bottom link. At first it was held in place with a pin, and set screw... then a thru screw from one side to the other (same screw as the hammer BTW), then it went back to the original design. A brand new carrier from 2005 will fit in a 1895 gun... You just have to use the two screws from the 1895 gun...
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