Value of a Savage 1899

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Value of a Savage 1899

#1 Post by wolfdog » Sat May 12, 2018 3:55 pm

A friend of mine has inherited some firearms. One of which is a 1899. It is in 30-30 and is a take down. Serial number puts it as a 1921 built rifle. It has pistol grip stock, running deer inleted on receiver , a Lyman receiver sight, a front bead that looks to be ivory, bore is wonderful, and rest of rifle is in very good condition, case color very vivid, finish of barrel and receiver appear original with a little minor freckling, stock has a couple of small dings and finish is very good, checkering nice and sharp. It is about the best looking 1899 I have had a chance to fondle. Would like to get some idea of value I know nothing is exact especially without pictures but a rough idea maybe?

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Re: Value of a Savage 1899

#2 Post by .45colt » Sat May 12, 2018 4:38 pm

Here is My take......He needs to get many different appraisals from professionals about that Savage. My now deceased Longtime friend sold more than twenty of His Model 99's . I was at His Estate Sale and can only tell You that at an advertised Sale that buyers will come out of the woodwork. Seller Beware.....

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Re: Value of a Savage 1899

#3 Post by GunnyMack » Sat May 12, 2018 7:26 pm

Question is- does he fond memories of these guns? Did this person grow up around these fine sporting firearms or was this a distant inheritance?
I'd say if he has fond memories then there is not enough money...
However as 45 says, you never know exactly what it could bring at auction.

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Re: Value of a Savage 1899

#4 Post by Pete44ru » Sat May 12, 2018 7:55 pm


Wolfdog, that particular Model 1899 could be a very special & hard to find (aka: valuable) deluxe Savage 1899.

It sounds like a 95% original rifle that could be worth well North of $2K, depending upon exactly which model it is.

Starting in 1907, Savage introduced a number of specially engraved models with deluxe stock checkering, stock carving & what have you, that were discontinued by 1925.

The top of the line was the Monarch, with checkering and deep relief floral stock carving, with the receiver engraving continuing down onto the lever. The internals were hand finished & the stocks were Circassian Walnut.

2nd highest was the Rival, with a game panel carved into the receiver, surrounded with scroll engraving that was also applied to the lever. It also had a Circassian Walnut stock.

The 3rd was the Victor, with the same checkering designs (no stock carving), and engraved game panel on the receiver, surrounded with elaborate scroll engraving.

All 3 grades could be had with octagon or half-octagon barrels.

The next lowest deluxe grade was the Crescent, available with either 22" or 26" round, octagon, or half-octagon barrels, fine checkering, and an engraved game panel on the receiver, with the rest of the receiver covered with fine engraving.

Next was the Savage Leader, with a scroll-engraved receiver, checkered stocks & the same 3 barrel choices as the Crescent grade.

The other deluxe grades were the AB, BC (with American Walnut stocks), scroll engraving panels on the receiver (no game scene).

The lowest grade was the CD grade, with plain checkered stocks, and only outline engraving on the receiver, and a choice of octagon or half-octagon barrel.


(The avatar is me, in 1948 ! )


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Re: Value of a Savage 1899

#5 Post by wolfdog » Sun May 13, 2018 6:23 am

Thanks Pete, from what you describe it would be a Crescent with 22 inch round barrel. He does not intend to sell this one although he got a few others that might be sold, mostly military stuff, this question was more from me as he had me look at it and I was just in awe of how nice this gun is, I have seen some pretty nice 99s before but nothing as nice as this one.

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