How the election fraud happens

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How the election fraud happens

Post by AJMD429 »

Many different kinds of course, but some new types enabled by the electonic systems, as well as just old-fashioned corruption, are being documented. ... ers-fraud/

Whether the Party of Spineless Rinos will do anything about it remains to be seen.... :|
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Re: How the election fraud happens

Post by 4t5 »

pretty slick move. Applying OCCAM'S RAZOR , the simplest answer is usually the best answer.
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Re: How the election fraud happens

Post by Grizz »

it seems to me that every stolen election begins with "the results are too close to call", OR "the gap is narrowing". The moment i see that i assume the election is stolen, because such uniform consistency cannot be the result of random processes, IMO to get election results with the entire count centered on the head of a pin is a human interference with the tally. this is why the marxists installed "voting machines". they've sharpened the bell curve into a pinnacle.

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