.348 Update: Components

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.348 Update: Components

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This is a lever gun outfit, so I will ride for the brand. I added to a 2013 post-but time for an update:

The Winchester and Browning Model 71s are still relatively popular, and the 348 cases are
widely reloaded. The W-W and Starline brass are still being made, but at Midway and Grafs, ET Brass-
you sometimes regularly see the Out of Stock sticker.

Hawk, Barnes, Fury, Swift, Quality Cartridge,Cutting Edge-(Cast bullets-w/o GCs);; Woodleigh, North Fork(-NY or Scandinavia), and Kodiak are either pending or no longer with us.
(Contact makers directly)

Brass: Starline and W-W----Availability varies. 348 brass is used for wildcat cartridges and others.

POWDER: IMR 4895, 4064-ACC & H-IMR 4350
Dependent on bullet weights

The original FL 200 gr factory Silver Tips were loaded with 53.5 grs of a powder resembling IMR 4895

Heavier bullets (220-250 grain) do REALLY well with IMR /H/ACC versions of 4350 powder. ACCURATE 4350 develops good velocities with lower pressure. I have loaded 270 gr Hawk bullets
in a Model 71 chambered for the 348 Ackley Improved. Identical to 35 Whelen velocities in a Model 71 lever rifle. Very handy in grizzly country, AND the early 71s and Browning versions
DID NOT have an extra tang or cross bolt safety. ( I call them BEAR-ly safeties, because only BEARS benefit from a rifle that does'nt shoot.) John Browning designed the
1886 rifle, from which the Model 71 was derived. He felt the half cock hammer safety was sufficient for intelligent folks...
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