German 3-barrel Drilling - Cocking Pins Fixed

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German 3-barrel Drilling - Cocking Pins Fixed

Post by Old No7 »

Here's an update on my attempts to improve upon the performance (height) of the cocking pins for the shotgun barrels of my German Blitz Triggerplate Drilling (made by an unmarked maker), and to also repair the non-working cocking pin of the rifle's barrel.

I've adjusted the height of the shotgun pins so now they are perfectly flush with the receiver when fired or uncocked. But my first repair of the rifle's pin -- adding some solder to it -- didn't work out like I had hoped on my original posting (click here for that).

So last night, looking at the amount of mass in the rifle's hammer, I decided to use a cutoff wheel and cut a small slot towards the back side of the hammer. Then I soldered a small brass piece in place which I could easily shape into an elevated ramp.

And it works ! ! !

I've worked the action and rifle trigger over 20 times and the rifle's cocking pin goes down, and then back up, just as I've wanted it to do. Now I'll just have to re-solder it using some Silver Solder and clean it up a little bit.

Below I've posted a picture of what my repair looks like, and also another one showing you the placement of the cocking pins on my Drilling's receiver -- versus the receiver of a very similar Drilling as made by Sauer & Sohn. Notice how the rifle's pin on the Sauer is in line with the shotgun pins -- while mine is positioned too far back...

Oh well... Now we know why the maker's name ISN'T ON THE GUN...

My theory is that someone made an error, and they salvaged the barrels and action et all and marked it only with the wholesaler's and retailers name, probably selling it for less than a "very similar Sauer" Drilling would cost. That's just speculation on my part; but for sure, the rifle's pin was drilled in the wrong place to start with, as the original images in my other posting clearly showed it was located too far behind the hammer to do any good.


Old No7

My addition to the rifle's hammer:
Blitz Cocking Pins 08 (Small).jpg

Unmarked maker versus Sauer pin placement:
Cocking Pins Placement.jpg
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