From Before America Became PC

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From Before America Became PC

Post by JimT »

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Re: From Before America Became PC

Post by Larkbill »

The adds with the babies handling "safe" guns would cause spontaneous brain aneurysms these days.

Ithaca Auto and Burglar Gun=go straight to jail. Do not pass go.
I'm not paranoid because I carry a gun. Why should I be paranoid. I've got a gun.
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Re: From Before America Became PC

Post by gamekeeper »

Colt Police Positive, available at 15a Pall Mall, London.......................if only :cry:
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Re: From Before America Became PC

Post by GunnyMack »

That H&R ad is quite RACEY! :D
NUKE err I mean Boycott China- now and forever!!
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Re: From Before America Became PC

Post by Booger Bill »

In the early 1950`s my dad and I were deer hunting in wisconsin and found a old abandoned log cabin that the roof had caved in to the ground. I crawled under it and found some very old magazine`s, news papers and brochers. One news paper was about Poncho Villa raiding columbus new mexico. Also found a nice 1916 Indian motorcycle pamphlet. The grand prize though, was a Savage rifle pamphlet. On the front it said "Indian Medicine", and showed a rifle and a scared fierce looking Indian chief! Never have seen even a reprint of it. That for sure wasn't "PC".
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Re: From Before America Became PC

Post by Sixgun »

One thing about human's never changed......normal people are afraid of losing their freedom and reputation....that's what keeps them on the straight and narrow.........the only thing a bad guy fears is the hot lead perforating his miserable body.

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Re: From Before America Became PC

Post by marlinman93 »

A simpler time, and I long for that era's return!
Pre WWI Marlins and Singleshot rifles!
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Re: From Before America Became PC

Post by jnyork »

Regarding the ad with the bulldog and the Colt, I have that exact pistol, 38ACP, has been in my family since 1922. I just yesterday took it out and shot it. Wonderful old ads, cant help thinking what would happen if they were printed in today's world. :shock:
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