Married vs Single Women...

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Married vs Single Women...

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In case you've ever wondered about this...

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Re: Married vs Single Women...

Post by AJMD429 »

Doctors for Sensible Gun Laws
"first do no harm" - gun control LAWS lead to far more deaths than 'easy access' ever could.

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Re: Married vs Single Women...

Post by Rusty »

:lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Married vs Single Women...

Post by Sixgun »

A married woman asked her husband for $10,000 to get breast implants. He told her to just rub toilet paper between her breasts everyday. After 6 months her breasts were not getting bigger so she asked her husband what made him think that rubbing toilet paper would make her breasts bigger. He replied that she was rubbing toilet paper in the crack of her azz for all of these years and look how big that got.---6
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Re: Married vs Single Women...

Post by Merle »

Didn't work for my wife of 47 years - she barely made it to 100 lbs...... :roll:
Merle from PA
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Re: Married vs Single Women...

Post by Griff »

I always asked my wife if she ever questioned her sanity... She's simply answer, I married you didn't I?
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Re: Married vs Single Women...

Post by piller »

My wife would starve to death if she had to cook for herself. Hamburger and helper is her limit for a fancy meal. Cold cereal if I do not cook something. First time I made chicken cordon bleu, she told me it sounded disgusting. She ate 3 servings and I had planned on having leftovers. Between her and the kids, I got 1 serving.

Yes, she makes a pile of cooked hamburger on one side of the plate and a pile of helper on the other. Just like her Mother did. No joke. I do all the cooking, and have for 29 years. I do have a few food allergies, but a little creativity makes that immaterial. There are substitutes or ways around almost any food allergy.
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Re: Married vs Single Women...

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:lol: :lol: :lol:
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