Australia off the rails..

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Australia off the rails..

Post by AJMD429 »


Saw this posted elsewhere; if true it is really sad.

Australian Govt COVID statistics as of 3rd December 2021:

Population of Australia: 25,690,000 (100%)

COVID Cases (in 24 months): 214,885 (0.8364%)
No COVID (in 24 months): 25,475,115 (99.1635%)

Australians chances of catching COVID, based on 2 years historical data, is only 0.03485% per month. It's basically a rounding error.

Survival Chances (if you are in the 0.034% that catches it):

COVID Cases total all Australia: 214,885 (100%)

Cases where patient survived: 212,853 (99.05%)
Cases where patient died: 2,032 (0.95%)

So if you are unlucky enough to be in the 0.034% that catch COVID, your chance of surviving is over 99%.

Age of COVID Victims

In total, 1,621 of the 2,032 (79%) of deaths were people over 70.

If you are under 70, your chance of survival goes up to 99.81%.


For a disease that you only have a 0.035% chance of catching each month, and if you do catch it you have a 99.81% chance of surviving, the Australian Govt has locked healthy people in their houses for nearly a year, bullied, coerced and threatened them into taking an experimental gene altering concoction, and have built 5 camps which they plan to detain people in, even people who are clear of infection.
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Re: Australia off the rails..

Post by earlmck »

That's a nice summary doc -- scary to see a level of insanity that surpases our own level. Gack!
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