A Serious Question about/for Democrats...

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A Serious Question about/for Democrats...

#1 Post by AJMD429 » Thu Feb 06, 2020 9:21 pm

I know there are plenty of lifelong Democrats who are actually intelligent, kind, and thoughtful people. The problem is, what they have in their mental image of 'being a Democrat' is what they grew up 50 years ago, when although there were certainly differences between the two major parties, they both genuinely seemed to desire what was best for the U.S., shared the core values of hard work, responsibility, and equal opportunity. Where they differed was what ways the government could facilitate those goals.

Yes, I know there were some huge racists and outright socialists in the Democrat ranks, but most of the Democrat-leaning electorate was not like that - they just wanted to be sure the 'working man' got a fair shake in life, and even the party leaders hadn't yet realized they could 'buy votes' by pretending to 'help' the downtrodden but never quite letting them succeed without government 'assistance' designed to turn them into big-government addicts, every bit the same as the heroin dealer wants to get his buyers hooked on that stuff.

Anyway, do you think that many of these lifelong-Democrats will start to take a closer look at their party, and realize that the Democrat Party has become almost the opposite of what it stood for half a century ago...?

They advocate violence as a response to speech they disagree with, they punish hard workers and reward slackers, they suck up to 'big corporations' while pretending to stick-it-to-them, they treat minorities as if they are without any intelligence or ability, they pretty much accuse the Republicans of every thing they are themselves guilty of, and they essentially use the dependent-class they have created to add enough votes to the ultra-wealthy elite so that they can enact legislation which favors the big corporations and the trial lawyers and the other entrenched-wealthy, while slamming the very 'middle class' and small business owners they claim to protect. They institutionalize 'greed' in the form of government favors to big business and handouts to the welfare-class, which reduces economic mobility, all the while whining about 'the wealth gap'. All of these things are contrary to what the Democrat Party of fifty years ago stood for.

Secondly, if some of the people who have been lifelong Democrats DO actually take a look at these changes, and realize how their party has left them, HOW MANY will simply do the usual equivocating and say "....well, true, but the Republicans are just as bad..." or "...even worse..."...??? :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: That has been the traditional retreat of the Democrats who still do care about fairness, honesty, and integrity in politics. Somehow they feel like it is still ok to be a Democrat, if you can justify it by claiming that the Republicans are worse...(which would be less of an issue if we had a better voting system that didn't stifle 'third' parties, and wasn't set up so that a vote for a 'third' party risked losing the usual 'lesser of two evils' election).

Do you think that after seeing what contortions the Clintons (clearly with Obama's knowledge) and their fellow Swamp-Dwellers went to to "buy foreign influence to interfere with an election", then used the compliant and dishonest 'news' media to accuse Trump of doing what they WERE doing, will cause some of the actually-thoughtful Democrats to have second thoughts about the "....well Republicans are just as bad..." nonsense...????????

Just one example - https://dailycaller.com/2017/03/21/hill ... ssile-gap/

Anyone not completely overcome with 'Trump Derangement Syndrome' surely has to see that yes, while there are numerous examples of 'bad Republicans' (for me, Mitt Romney comes to mind, but I'm sure Democrats would pick others), throughout the past five years or so, the behavior and dishonesty of the Democrat Party is an order of magnitude greater than that of the Republicans, starting even when the Democrats shut out Bernie Sanders during their primary leading to the 2016 election. Can they not see that smashing cellphones before turning them over to the FBI, and BleachBitting computers before surrendering them, is somehow more 'obstruction of justice' than Trump insisting that the courts settle what is protected information under Executive Privilege before submitting it...? Is Trump calling journalists who criticize him 'fake news' worse than Obama sending the IRS to audit those who criticize him...?

What percentage of today's Democrat voters are self-aware enough, and intelligent enough, or even interested enough, to do this kind of analysis or introspection...???

Is it only the older ones who might realize how much the party has changed...???

AND - how many of them are going to take a second look at the REPUBLICAN party, and realize that THAT party has changed as well, and is FAR more aligned with the core 'American' values once espoused by the Democrats...???

How many Black Americans have woken up and realized that the Republicans don't care about skin color, and it is the Democrats who exploit 'race' and use it to divide us...???

Evidently a fair number of people have figured this out - https://pjmedia.com/trending/race-relat ... ok-office/

The answer may well determine the future of our nation, our way of life, our values, and our freedom. The U.S. was the first place where government was created as SUBORDINATE to the citizens, and we are rapidly drifting to the 'European' norm where royalty, blood lines, and the raw power-differential between an armed government and a disarmed citizenry is the norm. We are as Ronald Reagan said, the last and best hope for freedom in the world.

P.S. of course look at the level of integrity of one of our nation's founders, John Adams, when it came to a court trial, versus the behavior of Adam Schiff and his buddies.....
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