So we have a "Dictatorship-like Presidency..."

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So we have a "Dictatorship-like Presidency..."

#1 Post by AJMD429 » Tue Nov 26, 2019 4:42 pm

At least, according to this CIA spy.... :roll:

So you just have to wonder if this idiot has enough brain cells to compare the way:

a) Trump treats the press - he calls them naughty names... :o
b) Obama treated the press - he had the IRS target them with selective audits...

a) Trump treats his critics - he calls them naughty names... :o
b) Obama treated his critics - he threatened them with arrest...

a) Trump regards armed citizens - he feels one among them - even the dreaded NRA... :o
b) Obama regards armed citizens - he felt threatened because he couldn't intimidate them...

Not that Obummer was anything approaching a 'dictator', but he sure abused the power of the government far more than Trump...!

Mr. Three Days of the Condor should go visit North Korea and say the things about their 'leader' that he says about Trump, and see what a REAL dictator is like.

Any more, I just read books and hardly watch movies - too many of the actors are such sphincters that it makes me puke...
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