The biggest 'core' problems in the U.S....

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The biggest 'core' problems in the U.S....

#1 Post by AJMD429 » Sun Jun 23, 2019 7:28 pm

There are lots of issues to deal with, but if you get to the core of it, there are several foundational issues we MUST solve before fixing anything else will be more than a temporary fix.

Here are the ones I think are the biggest issues:

a) Education - for three generations now, we have not taught our youth U.S. History or Economics, so they have no way to evaluate the claims left-wing politicians come up with. They don't understand the difference between a Constitutional Republic and a Democracy, nor the difference between Capitalism and Socialism.

b) Media Censorship - the 'news' media has always been biased, but now we have tons of open forums (Facebook, Twitter, Google, and so on) that censor all but left-wing speech and ideas. Our young people thus not only fail to get exposure to other viewpoints in school, but even in the 'real-world' outside of school, only left-wing ideas are allowed to be expressed, unless they actively seek contrary views via 'right-wing' forums and news programs.

c) Elections - electronic ballots are not verifiable like paper used to be, and now we are allowing (encouraging) illegal aliens and other non-citizens to vote, assuring that left-wing candidates 'win'.

d) Gun Registration - through 'background checks', firearms are increasingly registered, facilitating confiscation via incremental regulations. Although some wouldn't consider this a 'foundational issue' I think it is, for the same reason our Constitutional authors did - it is truly the citizen's "liberty teeth" with which to retain freedom.

e) the War on Drugs - using ageless human behavior (the tendency to abuse intoxicants) as an excuse to create a police-state has been extremely destructive to freedom, and like most government programs it has had the OPPOSITE effect in practice, so for all the show, we now have far more drugged-up and worthless/dangerous citizens than we would have had if the government kept out of the 'prohibition' business altogether.

f) the 'Climate Change' Hoax - another ageless behavior - the tendency of 'leaders' to pretend that the sun and weather are under their control, so citizens must surrender their gold and their daughters to the politicians so they can keep the Weather Gods happy. Amazingly, the 'intellectuals' of today fall for the scheme just as easily as the most primitive of tribesmen did centuries ago.

g) Complacency - the very-wealthy don't care about much, the welfare-class doesn't care about anything beyond where the free-stuff is being given out, and many of my religious friends have quit participating in public policy, retreating behind 'end-times' prophesies. Others are simply too busy working 70 hour weeks to get by and pay enough taxes so that the moocher-class can be kept in dependency, to do much political participating.

h) Borders/Citizenship - we MUST get this solved, and quickly. To accommodate the influx of just the illegals we actually catch, we would have to build a city the size of Indianapolis EVERY YEAR, and that simply isn't possible, and wouldn't be possible even if all those arrivals were hard-working productive citizens - too many, too fast.

i) Income Tax Withholding (and health-insurance premium withholding, also) - sneaking money out of the hands of the low-information citizen, then 'giving' it back to them if the behave properly (i.e. vote Democrat, mostly) is treacherous, and disguises the cost of government (and health insurance). The concept of "withholding" should be prohibited.
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Re: The biggest 'core' problems in the U.S....

#2 Post by Marvin S » Wed Jun 26, 2019 1:07 pm

Good points Doc.

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