Progressives aren't strong enough to criticize Obama...

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Progressives aren't strong enough to criticize Obama...

#1 Post by AJMD429 » Sat Apr 13, 2019 8:59 pm

...but they CAN criticize Hillary.

In the world of 'intersectionality points', Hillary doesn't have enough to prevent some of the more intellectually-honest 'liberals' (i.e. older individuals who grew up with the concept that 'liberal' meant open-minded, tolerant, intelligent, and wanting a just, fair, and stable society, instead of the co-opted current definition that essentially means trying Marxism one more time to see if we can get it right this time) from openly acknowledging that Hillary IS crooked, unethical, and cares very little for the minorities and working-class people she uses as props in her political theatre.

On the other hand, if you criticize Obama, no matter whether deep down they realize he was a terrible candidate for "the first African-American president" (more appropriately he could be called the first affirmative-action president), it is so politically unpopular to criticize him that they never will. They would lose too many "virtue signaling" points, and their fellow Democrats, so many of whom are now left-wing Marxists, who see nothing wrong with using intolerance and suppression of dissent (even to the point of outright violence as the solution to 'fixing' the wrongs they blame on 'crony capitalism' - which ironically is the antithesis of true capitalism, and is just another synonym for the repeatedly-failed doctrine of 'socialism'), will disown them if they utter even one skeptical thought about their hero Obama.

So......if you are trying to bring a few rays of sunlight into the brain of a leftist, to burn out the mold that clouds their vision from seeing how the 'Democrat party of today' has so completely abandoned them, you need to work carefully, lest you frighten or overwhelm them.

Remember, they felt secure in labeling themselves a 'liberal' or 'progressive' - after all, who can oppose those wonderful words...? So they can't abandon that side of the aisle, without having some place to go. Remember, liberals think in very simplistic, symbolic terms, and judge everything and everyone as all-good, or all-bad, usually on superficial criteria like skin color, gender, religion, or sexual orientation, and assume that the way to make everyone happy is via material goods. They must have loved the cowboy movies where the bad guys wore black hats, so you didn't have to worry about actually judging them by their actions. So they can't handle nuanced or complex political thought. They will need to be reassured that it is 'ok' to be a Republican, and their view of Republicans is very negative - that they are all ignorant bigots who judge everyone on the basis of skin color, gender, and sexual orientation, and value money above all else (now does it make sense why so many young Snowflake Democrats seem to be so self-loathing....they hate the very things they represent...! )

So, how do you start educating a Democrat about the fact that their party has left them, AND the fact that the Republican party they have grown up to hate actually represents the things that they claim to value...? Of course anything you say 'good' about the Republicans will be countered by examples of some Republican who did something terrible, because in the world of politics both of the 'mainstream' parties are pretty terrible.

However, I think NOW things are changing, and an increasing number of Democrats are turning off CNN, and looking for information sources with more integrity. They have been told that Fox news members are all 'right-wing extremists', but I think if they could get over their OWN prejudice and watch Tucker Carlson or Jeannine Pirro or Dan Bongino, they would start to realize how they have been misled so many years.

I thought Pirro was good tonight -

Bongino is always good -

Carlson is always good -

Candace Ownes is superb - ... r-comments

The Rublin Report is hardly 'conservative' and is a good introduction -

You need to figure out what of these kinds of things might be 'tolerable' by a particular Democrat you're trying to enlighten. The problem is that of course the Democrats reflex is to exclude other viewpoints, and they will pick any thing possible as a reason to discount them - if the speaker doesn't have enough 'intersectionality' for instance - anyone too wealthy, too Christian, or too caucasian will be dismissed (that's why sometimes people like Rubin (gay) Owens (black, female) are your best introduction for them - those speakers can get past the bigotry of the left). It's just like you're trying to get a KKK member to learn something positive about black history - you might want to pick a speaker who isn't black for the first one to show them....only at least KKK members acknowledge their bias - today's liberals actually think they are 'open-minded', so their self-awareness is severely handicapped.

Anyway, I think now is the time to work on educating Democrats, as their party is crumbling apart, and the hypocrisy is so undeniable now.
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Re: Progressives aren't strong enough to criticize Obama...

#2 Post by BlaineG » Fri Apr 19, 2019 3:50 pm

Anyway, I think now is the time to work on educating Democrats, as their party is crumbling apart, and the hypocrisy is so undeniable now.
I like them just as they are....hopefully the moderate 'crats will be disgusted and vote for Trump. Or, if they split the vote, it's still votes for Trump. That's what splitting the vote does (hint, hint :wink: )
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