A Biblical Conflict?

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Re: A Biblical Conflict?

#51 Post by oldAG » Thu Apr 25, 2019 2:22 am

Grizz, you do yourself a disservice.

In the signature line of your previous post, you include "the best video". In that video, at 6:26, the presenter implores that the King James version of the Bible is the only one that is valid. This is the video you promote. When questioned, your response was "that's a good question", to which you then added "it's that mans preference" and "i don't have time to explain it".
Yet you are able to devote a reasonable amount of time in defending your interpretation of the scripture to which you adhere.
Just to be clear, and so that all viewers of this thread are able to understand, which scripture is it? A title, perhaps?

"But wait, there's more", as the advertising text goes.
You have either misunderstood, or misconstrued, my question about the content of an article posted in the Catholic press (link supplied). Are the Catholics heretics for their understanding of the beliefs of Muslims? Hence the question, is it a case of "my God is better than your God" (a rhetorical saying), or are we in fact speaking about the same God?

You now invoke the Septuagint as the precursor of all Bibles, a translation from the Hebrew text, and predating the prophet Jesus by several centuries.
If Gods word pre-dates the prophet Jesus, how can you be so sure that there have been no other prophets of God since Jesus? Or is it beyond the pale for you that the prophet Muhammad received the word of God/Allah (the Devine revelation) through the angel Gabriel, some six centuries after Jesus?
Is it not God who will judge every human? While great reverence is bestowed on the prophet Jesus, is it not "God the Father" to whom we answer?

You seem to have an intense dislike of the word Allah. Why is the Arabic word for God so abhorrent to you, yet the Hebrew YHWH is OK? Allah is the standard Arabic word for God and is used by Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews as well as by Muslims regardless of their native tongue.

Again; Allah is God is the Devine Being, is the one God.

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