Ugh....another school shooting

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Ugh....another school shooting

#1 Post by wvfarrier » Fri May 18, 2018 11:30 am

Another danged school shooting.  This one in Texas....8 confirmed deceased, student shooter in custody.
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Re: Ugh....another school shooting

#2 Post by rossim92 » Sat May 19, 2018 1:16 am

A gun free zone. they shoot in them because they know no one can shoot back! i feel for the victims. may God bless em.
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Re: Ugh....another school shooting

#3 Post by BlaineG » Sat May 19, 2018 8:53 am

Everybody thinks they are a victim and has to lash out and hurt others to tell their "story".
I'm sad to say that I don't see the country recovering after over 50 years of liberal inculcations.
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Re: Ugh....another school shooting

#4 Post by AJMD429 » Sat May 19, 2018 8:49 pm

The LIBERALS caused this by destroying the family and destroying the education system and destroying our legal system so we are now on the third generation of children raised without real parenting or responsibility or consequences.

The LIBERALS also caused this by specifically opposing any rational measures which would make schools safer specifically including the fairly-affordable option of single-entrance hardening of schools, and of course the zero-cost option of ending the ridiculous* prohibition of licensees carrying concealed firearms on school property.

(* of course it is not 'ridiculous' if your main goal is posturing and virtue-signaling, instead of actually doing something constructive to protect innocent lives... :evil: )

Every time another shooting happens the news media and the legislators (and many on the 'pro-gun side, unfortunately) go into the same loop of debating some mythical "balance between gun rights and school safety". We must not let the anti-gun fanatics define the debate as some mythical 'balance' - there is no 'balance' - schools and streets are safer, and societies more stable, when there are NOT 'tough gun laws'.

The media mantra is that "the NRA cares more about their obsession with guns than they do about children's lives"; instead the mantra needs to be that the Liberals care more about their obsession against guns then they do about children's lives, because the reality is that the NRA cares far more about children's lives then the Liberals do. Only the NRA seems to have the courage to advocate public policy which places the safety of schools above political opinion about whether or not scary-looking guns are okay to possess.

All gun owners need to go on the offensive in these debates, instead of always being on the defensive, and rather than backing into a corner 'defending gun rights' ('as more important than the lives of children' once the media spins it), we instead need to aggressively point out that the 'progressive' liberal Democrats obsession with gun prohibition instead of rational solutions is what is causing more children to die.

Society can not balance the rights of gun owners versus the safety of streets, because those two parts of the equation are on the same side; guns available to the citizens save far more lives than gun control laws ever could, because of the simple, verifiable, irrefutable FACT that over a century of credible, multi-source data demostrate clearly that both domestically and worldwide, gun control laws have caused far more innocent death then 'easy access to firearms' ever could, by being not only ineffective in reducing suicides, gun accident fatalities, and terrorism deaths, being counterproductive and actually increasing murder and rape rates, but most importantly, being the singular enabling step necessary for the cascade leading to genocide.

Even though the primary guilt is always born by the person who pulls the trigger, or lights the fuse, or drives the car and runs over the pedestrians, the concept of an accomplice certainly needs to be kept in mind, and as far as I'm concerned anyone who promotes - or even fails to loudly oppose - 'gun control' as public policy is an accomplice and should be called one at every opportunity. Shame THEM just like David Hogg wants to shame the NRA. :evil:

Case in point would be this SCUMBAG hypocrite who either cares more about virtue-signaling than the lives of children and other citizens he is sworn to protect, or is so ignorant he shouldn't be allowed to hold public office. :evil: :evil:
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"first do no harm" - gun control LAWS lead to far more deaths than 'easy access' ever could.

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