FS in CA: Military history and outdoor adventure books


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FS in CA: Military history and outdoor adventure books

#1 Post by Mike Armstrong » Fri Mar 06, 2020 10:55 pm

WTS: Various books on WWII history, world military history, and outdoor adventures and survival. ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING TO CONUS ZIP CODES. I try to ship the next mail day after I get your payment. I accept personal checks made out to me, money orders made out to me, and cash. I DON'T ACCEPT PayPal, credit cards or automatic online payment plans.

How to order: if you want a book or books put an "I'll take book(s) #_____" ON THIS THREAD as a "reply." Then I'll PM you my "legal" (first) name and address for payment. PMs don't work for orders, just comments or questions.

TAKE $1 OFF THE PRICE OF ANY BOOK OR BOOKS YOU ORDER AFTER THE FIRST ONE--I get a little break on postage for multiple book orders, so I pass a little back to you.

WWII histories

1) "The Handbook of WWII" by Karen Farrington. Illustrated history of the whole war, divided into its land, sea, and air campaigns. Details of battles and the men and military hardware that fought them. Many b/w photos of combat and eyewitness accounts of the major battles and campaigns. Includes timeline of the war's major military and political events. Excellent general reference. Softbound 256 pp. new cond. illus w/b/w and color photos and maps and charts. $6

2) "Moonlight Over England: the Story of One Nightfighter Pilot" by Eric P. Donald. Son's biography of his father, and RAF pilot who pioneered night fighting when the Luftwaffe was destroying English cities night after night, having lost the daytime phase of the Battle of Britain. A VERY BRITISH BOOK--almost a wartime family album with details of early night fighting and night fighters: Hurricane, Havoc, Beaufighter, etc. and other planes the Donald family flew, fought and died in in WWII.HB 528 pp. new cond. full of b/w photos of prewar and home front British family life, wartime aircraft and their plans. $6

3) "The Air War in Europe" by Ronald H. Bailey. Time-Life volume on WWII air war in the West. After illustrating the world's rise to airpower, this covers the phases of the European air war from the "Phony War," invasion of Poland, and Battle of Britain to the final Allied strategic bombing and close air support that destroyed the German forces at last. FULL of b/w combat photos (some from gun cameras), full color paintings of air combat and its results, and full color plates of the "Airman's Arsenal" Allied and Axis. Hb 208 pp. new cond. 9x11" format $6

4) "The Battle of the Atlantic" by Barrie Pitt. Time-Life volume that chronicles the longest campaign of WWII--Allied attempts to control and use the sea lanes from the Americas to Europe, and the Axis attempts to stop them. Begins with the mastery of the sea lanes by German U-boats, aircraft and surface raiders and goes through all the steps of the battles against them with graphics, photos and historical narrative. Maps show "wolfpack" killing zones; key battles are shown in maps, painted graphics and photos. 8 1/2x11" format exc. reading cond. $5

5) "Fighter Test Pilot: Hurricane to Tornado" by Roland Beaumont. Autobiography of an RAF fighter pilot and test pilot who began with the Hawker Hurricane of Battle of Britain fame and ended with the NATO supersonic Tornado fighter-bomber. Beaumont began as a radar-less Hurricane night fighter pilot and went on to pioneer the Typhoon fighter-bomber in low-altitude fighter sweeps and night intruder airfield attacks over Europe, and then flew the Tempest prop interceptor against jet-powered V-1 "Buzz Bomb" missiles. Later he tested the Meteor, Britain's first jet fighter, the Canberra (US B-57) jet bomber, the supersonic "Lightning" rocket-boosted interceptor, and lastly the Tornado, which is still in service. Contains his post-career experiments with ultralights and an FW-190 replica. Softbound 160 pp. exc. cond. illus w/MANY b/w and color photos of the planes he tested and flew in combat. $5

6) "The Carrier War" by Clark D. Reynolds. Time-Life volume that overs the history of carriers and carrier aircraft combat in WWII. HB 176 pp. 8 1/2x11" format exc/new cond. illus w/MANY b/w combat photos and color plates of US and Japanese carries and planes (good for modellers) and classic US and Japanese WWII combat paintings. $6

7) "Partisans and Guerrillas" by Ronald H. Bailey. Time-Life volume on the anti-Nazi and anti-fascist resistants in Europe in WWII, mainly in Southern Europe and the Balkans. Shows the unstable areas that Hitler and Mussolini invaded, then faced strong resistance, both from antifascists supported by the Western Allies and communist guerrillas supported by the Soviets. Greece falls into a bitter civil war between these two groups at war's end. HB 208 pp. 8 1/2x 11" format excellent condition with many maps and MANY b/w photos pf partisan combat, Axis anti-partisan troops. Shows the VERY mixed armaments of guerrillas in WWII, many Axis weapons in use. $6

8) "We Die Alone: A WWII Epic of Escape and Endurance" by David Haworth, Intro. by Stephen Ambrose. Story of Jan Baalsrud, lone survivor of a Norwegian commando unit which was betrayed and wiped out by the Nazis. Classic Arctic escape and evasion. Quality paperback 219 pp. in new cond. w/b/w photos $5

9) "The Rocket and the Reich: Peenemunde and the Coming of the Ballistic Missile Era" by Michael J. Neufeld. Neufeld, the curator of the WWII history sections of the National Air and Space Museum, relates missile development from the early German and US experiments after WWI to the early Cold War use of Nazi technology and Nazi scientists which began the Space Race and the ballistic missile standoff with the USSR. A full history of the wartime development and use of the V-2 "Second Vengeance Weapon" by the Nazis, the political infighting that controlled its development and deployment, and the expendable slave labor at "Camp Dora" that manufactured and assembled it. Postwar use and development of the V-2 was the kickstart to ICBMs and moon shots! Quality PB (Harvard U.Press) exc. cond. illus w/b/w photos, charts, diagrams, lists, and maps. $7

10) "The Guns at Last Light: the War in Western Europe, 1944-45" by Rich Atkinson. Pulitzer Prize-winning historian's final volume of his three-volume history on the US role in the liberation of Europe.
Covers the major Western European campaigns from D-Day to VE-Day. Very readable "broad stroke" history made personal by individual eye-witness accounts. HB 890 pp. new cond. illus w/29 maps, tables of organizations, many b/w photos. $7

11) "1945: the Final Victories". Time-Life's volume on the 6th year of WWII, from the middle of the Battle of the Bulge thru V-J Day and the trials of WWII war criminals. Fully illustrated with b/wand color photos and repros of WWII art such as home front and GI posters aircraft "nose art,"and other documents. Bios of the key political and military players, photos of combat and the home front, and a summary of where victory left us--the looming Cold War. Softbound 271 ppl exc/new cond.

World Military topics

12) SPF "Battles of the Medieval World: From Hastings to Constantinople" by Kelly Devries, Martin Daugherty, and Iain Dickie.

13) SPF "Cuir Lodair/Culloden" by the Scottish National Trust.

14) "The Crimean War: A History" by Orlando Figis. Well-known British historian's recounting of one of the first modern wars, a precursor of the technology and tactics of our Civil War: rifled muskets, revolvers, rifled artillery, rail and steamship transportation. etc. We remember the tragic "Charge of the Light Brigade (hardly modern) but not the bloody sieges and trench warfare that pitted the British and their French and Turkish allies against the Czar's finest. Quality PB 595 pp illus w/more than 30 contemporary b/w photos (another new technology) and many maps. $6

15) "The Day the Chinese Attacked: Korea 1950" by Edwin P. Hoyt. Prize-winning military historian and Korean War-embedded combat journalist details the events in Chinese and American politics that led to the Chinese "intervention" on behalf of the defeated North Korean communists, the military reverses that befell the hitherto victorious US and UN forces, and the immense cost to the PLA to gain this victory. Quality PB 250 pp illus w/b/w photos and maps. $6

16) "Blind Man's Bluff" by Christopher Drew and Sherry Sontag. Two investigative reporters' history of the deadly Cold War intrigues that included US tapping of Soviet undersea communications cables, shadowing Soviet nuclear and nuclear-armed subs,underseas submarine collisions and sinkings, miniature sub incursions into NATO and other naval installations, and Howard Hughes' attempts to raise and salvage a Soviet nuclear sub. Also the clandestine "war" between the CIA and the USN over who ruled the ocean floor. PB 389pp. exc. cond. illus w/maps, diagrams, and b/w photos $5

Outdoor Adventure/Survival topics

17) SPF "A Wilderness So Immense: The Louisiana Purchase and the Destiny of America" by Jon Kukla.

18) "The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey" by Candace Millard. Prize-winning historian ("The General and the Jaguar") describes TR's idea of a vacation after losing the presidential election of 1914--an expedition to find the true course of the Rio de la Duda in the Amazon rain forest. Between disease, starvation, mutiny, and some very unfriendly and cannibalistic natives, he nearly died trying! A tale well told by a TR expert/biographer. Quality PB 428 pp VG reading cond illus w/maps and b/w photos $5

19) "The Lost City of the Incas" by Hiram Bingham. Another classic exploration of South America. Bingham made expeditions to the Inca homeland in the Andes of Peru in 1911-15, discovering, excavating and mapping the long-lost final stronghold of the Inca, Machu Pichu. It has since become such a tourist attraction that the Peruvian government limits visitor access! Quality PB 314 pp. exc. cond illus w/many historic b/w photos, diagrams, drawings, maps. $5

20) "Special Forces Survival Guide" by Chris McNab. Wilderness survival skill manual derived from the manuals of a number of Special Forces organizations: US, British, Australian, and NATO. Covers all the basics in great depth, but especially good at finding, purifying, and storing water (kind of a fixation here in SoCal....), and on first aid. Assumes a wildland or rural, not urban, setting. HB 320 pp. exc/new cond. illus w/many drawings, diagrams, maps,checklists, and charts. $6

21) SPF "The Worst Case Scenario Handbook for Travelers" by Joshua Priven and David Bergenknicht.

Thanks for reading my loooooong post! Don't forget to take $1 off the price of any book you order after the first one!

Mike Armstrong
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Re: FS in CA: Military history and outdoor adventure books

#2 Post by magyars » Sun Mar 08, 2020 4:11 pm

I'll take 12, 13, 17, and 21

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Re: FS in CA: Military history and outdoor adventure books

#3 Post by Mike Armstrong » Mon Mar 09, 2020 10:05 am

Books #s 12, 13, 17, and 21 SPF to magyars. Thanks for buying! PM on the way.

Mike Armstrong

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