Replacing brass??

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Replacing brass??

Post by jkbrea »

I just found out about this type of ammo and haven't really read up too much on it yet. Maybe it's just me!
It just surprised me. Composite cases!
Apparently not reloadable so can't replace brass...
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Re: Replacing brass??

Post by 1894cfan »

If I can't reload it, I'll pass!
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Re: Replacing brass??

Post by piller »

Only 1 thing I can think of, is that it might be lighter.
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Ray Newman
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Re: Replacing brass??

Post by Ray Newman »

Several years ago, I read about the german attempts towards the end of WW II to manufacture caseless ammunition. From what i recall, the war ended before it could perfected. The US tried to do the same, but it seems that the ammunition components and powder caused the bore and chamber to foul excessively, so the idea was abandoned. Since then I have reda of a few others trying to do the same, but it just never seemed to gain any traction.
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Scott Tschirhart
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Re: Replacing brass??

Post by Scott Tschirhart »

This isn't a new idea. I remember in the 1980s there was a company that was pushing a composite case with a steel head and a plastic body. We have also seen steel case heads that screwed into the bottom of a brass case. This ad says that the cases are magnetically retrievable, so I think there is a steel component in this as well.

A cartridge case is nothing more than a gasket when you get right down to it. Under current technology, brass works well. But brass is expensive and I think people will continue to seek cheaper alternatives.

Caseless ammunition is an interesting concept that we have explored since the 1860s and maybe earlier. But we are not there yet. We still need something to seal the breach.
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Re: Replacing brass??

Post by JimT »

There are other companies producing the "brass replacement" cartridges. All have something that is stronger - lighter - more efficient - or some other thing. None offer what brass does. All are expensive. All are not reloadable unless you use special equipment. Reloaders are (or used to be) a small share of the shooting public. Bullet casters were even a small group. None of the "newer" "better" brass "replacement" appeals to me, but I am an old fanny burp of the Old School and what do I know? :roll: :lol:
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Ysabel Kid
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Re: Replacing brass??

Post by Ysabel Kid »

Only time I will use non-brass cases is when chasing the brass is really a pain in the...

If I know where I am shooting will be a challenge to collect the brass, then a cheaper non-brass case is what I will use. Unfortunately, I have a lot from the last great ammo shortage (BHO years). Beggars could not be choosers back then (or now).
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Re: Replacing brass??

Post by Grizz »

i like Scott's "the brass is a gasket" point. it is also a springy gasket, which i "think" is the main benefit of brass. cartridge brass gets recycled. i remember seeing several 1000 pound totes sitting in a recycle center.
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Re: Replacing brass??

Post by coyote nose »

Hmmm...the Volcanic anyone?
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Re: Replacing brass??

Post by Leverluver »

With the price of copper running over $4.70 per pound, I wonder how far away we are from 3D printers making one time use cases. Those printers are really going cause the Pelosis of the world to lose sleep at night :twisted:. We can surmount many obstacles including even primers (slow but doable) but, in the end, the powder will be the nail in the coffin.
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Re: Replacing brass??

Post by Eddie Southgate »

Go back to black . You can make it at home .
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Re: Replacing brass??

Post by Griff »

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