End of Hunt Season (pic heavy)

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End of Hunt Season (pic heavy)

Post by jkbrea »

I'm done hunting this season. I did alright this year. Ended up with 2 antelope and 3 elk. The bull was shot at about 125 yards in October in some hard to pack out area! Getting too old,(lazy), to pack them quarters that far, about 3 miles. Luckily my brother helped and it only took two trips. The cows I got earlier this month in -6° weather. I'll keep one and the other I gave to a gal and her dad, a disabled Vietnam vet. They hunted too but were limited in what they could do. Very fun day! First time hunting with horses. The cows were the longest shots I've taken on game. It's wide open country where they migrate to the winter feed grounds to the elk refuge. One was 435 yards and the other about 300. I used a Tikka 30-06 with Hornady Precision Hunter 178gr. Worked great! My kids are excited to get some elk meat this year. Glad I have another freezer!
Looks small from the angle but it was a good size bull!
Loading up 3 cows. Dragged to road by horseback
End result from bull! Still have a cow to pick up.
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Re: End of Hunt Season (pic heavy)

Post by ollogger »

No doubt a lot of work went into taking carer of all them elk, horses & that hoist made it a lot easier
still would be fun though

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Re: End of Hunt Season (pic heavy)

Post by gamekeeper »

Great post great photos, glad you had a successful season.... :mrgreen:
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Re: End of Hunt Season (pic heavy)

Post by Griff »

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Re: End of Hunt Season (pic heavy)

Post by .45colt »

Well I can sure Give You a big slap on the back for those Elk. !!
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Re: End of Hunt Season (pic heavy)

Post by Walker »

Nice job! I've always preferred elk over mule deer.
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Re: End of Hunt Season (pic heavy)

Post by piller »

Looks like a good time, and a bunch of good meat to top it all off. Congratulations!
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Re: End of Hunt Season (pic heavy)

Post by GunnyMack »

Finest venison to fill a freezer- well done!
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Re: End of Hunt Season (pic heavy)

Post by OldWin »

Wow! Congratulations on a successful season. Now you're in for a winter of good eatin'.
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Re: End of Hunt Season (pic heavy)

Post by 2ndovc »

Wow, that's awesome!

jb 8)
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Re: End of Hunt Season (pic heavy)

Post by marlinman93 »

Every elk I've taken is a bag of mixed emotions! First the excitement of seeing a shooter, and then the thrill of dropping him. Then after the celebration comes the dread of dressing and packing them out!
Once they hit the ground there's nothing fun about taking an elk until you're sitting at the dinner table!
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Re: End of Hunt Season (pic heavy)

Post by FWiedner »


You had a good season. Well done!

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Re: End of Hunt Season (pic heavy)

Post by Marvin S »

Good job and the ol 30/06 gets it done.
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Re: End of Hunt Season (pic heavy)

Post by 6pt-sika »

Congrats 8)
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