People Suck, but sometimes....

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People Suck, but sometimes....

Post by 2ndovc »

You're just asking for it!!!

I've gone around and around with my dad about his collection of Vintage military arms, but he just wouldn't listen. It finally caught up to him Sunday night.
Alarm co called along with a friend that lives close by. The Old Man's place got hit!
They made off with a WWI Lugar & half dozen 1911s, half of which were Argentine.
How it unfolded...
Got home late last night just to hear my cell ringing. It was an 800number so I didn't answer. A fiend was next on the call list, my dad's place was broken into. He's in FL for the winter but leaves most of his collection at home. I've been on his a-- for years but just wouldn't listen to reason. I have a house full of dogs, alarms and it's rare someone isn't home in our quiet little neighborhood. He lost a rack of 1911s but fortunately not much else. The really good ones were stuffed in a corner of the attic. They are all here now and the local PD think they have the f'rs. The K-9 officer was super cool an asked that I get the rest of the guns out, even though they think tey got the guys, the place is a target now.

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Re: People Suck, but soemtimes....

Post by jd45 »

You both have my sympathy. It looks to me like whoever was biding their time, and when they knew he vacated for the winter, they struck. A lesson learned, I guess. jd45
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Re: People Suck, but soemtimes....

Post by piller »

I hope they did get the perps, but even if they did, there will now be others out there waiting. Yes, people suck.
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Re: People Suck, but soemtimes....

Post by octagon »

A neighbor was very ill in the hospital, and was then released. His wife posted on "social media" that he had to return for treatment over the weekend. Opertunivores then had the all clear to remove his valuables, including his gun collection.
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Re: People Suck, but soemtimes....

Post by fordwannabe »

Sorry to hear. My vote would have been for the K-9 office to let “Conan” get your “pound of flesh”, literally. I hate thieves.
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Re: People Suck, but sometimes....

Post by Pitchy »

Real bummer for sure, hope there are no other intrusions.
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Re: People Suck, but sometimes....

Post by .45colt »

Unfortunately thieves don't sleep much and are always watching , hope they catch these rats.
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Re: People Suck, but sometimes....

Post by wm »

Safes are cheap compared to the price of regret and the cost of anger and stress. Just saying.

In this day and age with the documentation of purchase and registration but also our own activities (have you put ammo purchases on credit card? does your browser history show you go to gun websites? is your memberships in clubs and 2A organizations a secret? could your states computer data base with your hunting license information get hacked?) Sophisticated criminals can mine data and find out who has a sizeable collection.

That's why I keep saying fighting over registration is fighting over a hill top the enemy has already surrounded and by passed. Privacy in this century is not what we grew up thinking it is.

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