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Went out Saturday morning watched the power line that runs down one side of our property . Legal shooting time started at 06:38 that’s thirty minutes before sunrise at 07:08 . Had a couple slick heads come in kinda behind me over my left shoulder . Coulda taken a shot but it was kinda brushy back thru there and I’m skeptical of getting high ovtane bullets thru stuff like that . I was carrying my unblooded newly built Remington 700 wearing a Hawk Hill #4 stainless 1:7.5 6mm barrel and chambered in 6mm-06 . Built this thing so I could shoot the Berger 6mm 115 grain VLD Hunting Match bullet . Got a used Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14x off a friend for a little of nothing and put it on this rifle . I put a Timney Calvin trigger in the rifle and while working up loads had her set at 10 ounces , moved it back up to two pounds and checked sight in before I took it out .My cold fingers can’t deal with a 10 ounce in hunting situations LOL’s . Anyway I sat until almost 10:15 when a neighbors two mutts ran by a couple times . So I got down atleast if you don’t kill anything you don’t have anything to deal with when you climb down :wink:
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Re: 11-29-19

Post by Pete44ru »


That's why I like to hunt with high grade guns - if game fails to show, at least I have something pretty to look at & fondle...…. :mrgreen:

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Re: 11-29-19

Post by 1894c »

nice pics...thank you for the post... :)
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