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#1 Post by jnyork » Thu Jul 04, 2019 3:12 pm

Wife and I were drinking coffee on the front porch this morning and remembering some of the notable events we've had during our hunting days. Thought you might be interested in this one.

Several years ago we were elk hunting about the 1st of November or so in an area a few miles Northeast of Dubois , Wyoming. Morning temp was around 20 degrees and snowing with a 10-15 mph wind in the clear areas.

We hiked up a hill through the timber and came into a little clearing on top of a ridge. Windy, snowing and a heavy fog had settled in with visibility no more than 50 yards. Just as we decided to head back , we saw another hunter approaching us from out of the fog. Guy had a backpack on, frost in his beard and eyebrows. As we chatted him up for a few moments, to our horror we discovered that the backpack contained a tiny baby, a child. :shock: When asked about this, he replied that his wife had to work that day and he wanted to go elk hunting, so just brought the kid along. We quickly wished him luck, bid him adieu and made our way back down the hill to the truck.

Here's another:

About 5 miles East of Atlantic City Wyoming, my wife and I were hunting elk on a pleasant Fall morning. After an hour or so of sneaking and peeking through the timber and junipers, we decided to take a break so we concealed ourselves downwind of a clearing and a draw and see if any game might appear. As we were having a little sip of coffee, we heard a thrashing and crashing in the thick brush up the hill from us, along with the sound of a loud engine and some music. What the hell, we wondered. Soon, on a grown-over two track we had not noticed only about 20 yards away, there appeared a very beat-up pickup. There were 4 guys in it. Two were in the cab blasting Hank Williams Jr. Two were in the bed, hanging on to the headache rack. One of them had a crossbow in his hand, the other one was blowing on an elk call. I aint making this up. They never saw us and continued on down the hill. We declared victory and headed back to camp. :roll:

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Re: Idiots

#2 Post by Ray » Thu Jul 04, 2019 8:37 pm

m.A.g.a. !

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