The SIG P210 9mm -- Old and New

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The SIG P210 9mm -- Old and New

#1 Post by Old No7 » Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:02 am

Shamelessly copied from another site...

"It can be easily argued that SIG Sauer’s P210 set the accuracy standard by which all 9mm pistols should be judged decades ago and we have been lusting after one since we first saw one circa 1989 or so. With prices of the originals always a bit out of reach for us, we were pleased when SIG announced that they were going to make the pistol at their US facility a little over 2 years ago."

The SIG P210 became one of my "grail guns" after I first handled one in the Executive Conference Room at SIG when I worked there almost three years ago. The words "wow!", "thoroughbred" and "race car" came to my mind as I handled it and dreamed of one day getting one. I did get a really nice P226 Stainless Elite while working there and sure appreciated the employee discount, but there was no way I could afford an original and no US P210s available back then.

But there is now... Well, I got no employee discount on this one, but a buddy of mine -- who also used to work for SIG -- tipped me off on where I could find one of the newer American-made 210s, and she came home with me the other day. I was able to do a decent trade with something else I no longer shot, and got a small extra discount from the shop for being a "former SIG employee"; so overall, I did pretty well versus GunBroker prices (which aren't cheap).

This image shows the "grandaddy" of them all, a Swiss-made P210 in the original military/European configuration (note the heel magazine release and service grips) and the "grandson", the US-made Target version below it; a German-made "daddy" P210 is not in the image, but they were made too.

( Click on any image to enlarge it )
SIG P210 Swiss-US.jpg

It's been written that the new US-made gun provides these improvements over the earlier models: Undercut trigger, much nicer beavertail, frontstrap checkering, better sights, better grips, "American"-style controls (slide lock lever and 1911-style mag release) and an improved guide rod setup. While the original design had locking lugs cut into the top of the barrel mating to slots cut in the top of the slide, the US model locks up at the barrel hood against the slide, which is common with SIG designs. The high-polish blue of the European guns is now SIG's standard durable deep black Nitron finish. Like the originals, and also the CZ 75 series, the P210 Target has inverse rails versus a 1911, where the slide runs inside of rails cut into the lower receiver. An NRA magazine article I read says that can contribute to enhanced accuracy, but I think the "coke bottle" walnut grips on mine (which fit me really well), the sights and the sweet 3.5# trigger will help me even more.

Here's a couple of more images from the web:

SIG P210 Tgt 01.jpg
SIG P210 Tgt 05 Stripped.jpg
SIG P210 Tgt 03 Mag Well.jpg

So at this point, you're probably wondering: "Well, how does it shoot?"

In a word: AWESOME ! ! !

I love it. It's tight, yet smooth, comfortable to hold and shoot, and the green fiber-optic (made by Dawson Precision) front sight nestles smartly in the black notch of the rear sight. And it's simply beautiful, most definitely the prettiest handgun I own. All told, it's sort of like a "European 1911" to me, minus the grip safety, but the grip angle, heft and take-down process are all very similar.

So here's how mine shot the other day at 15 yards -- and it's not even broken in yet!

SIG P210 Tgt 00 Target (Small).jpg

For sure, I need to get this baby back out to the range soon -- she wants to shoot!

Tight groups.

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Re: The SIG P210 9mm -- Old and New

#2 Post by kaschi » Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:43 pm

Nice piece and looks promising! I have a Swiss made P210-2 and can only say that it is a beautiful work of art. Enjoy yours!

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Re: The SIG P210 9mm -- Old and New

#3 Post by Rexster » Sat Jan 19, 2019 1:05 pm

I find this one to be quite interesting. Thanks for posting.
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Re: The SIG P210 9mm -- Old and New

#4 Post by Ysabel Kid » Sun Jan 27, 2019 8:10 pm

Congratulations Darryl! It is always great to finally obtain a "grail-anything", but for us gun guys? Well, there is little better.

Great choice too on your "grail gun", though I suspect, like me, you have more than one! :wink:

That is one accurate pistol! :mrgreen: And some mighty fine shooting for a gun that is not even worn-in yet! :D

Great score!!!

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Re: The SIG P210 9mm -- Old and New

#5 Post by Paladin » Wed Jan 30, 2019 12:08 am

Congratulations, That is a GREAT gun. I have handled the new ones and shot an old one often even with the .22lr slide on it. Great long range 9mm for special details.
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