Strap-On Cheek Rest -- Great for Leverguns

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Strap-On Cheek Rest -- Great for Leverguns

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OK, as I post this, I'm well aware there are many out there who don't like scopes on their leverguns...

But on a soft-shooting and super-accurate Savage 99A in .250-3000 I've made an exception.

Last fall I hunted with a stick-on cheek rest, as shown in the pix below, but after refinishing the stock (to rid it of the orange-ish color) and then having it professionally checkered, I decided I didn't want to add a "stick on" cheek rest -- even though the stock's comb is still too low even when a scope is mounted as low as possible.

Savage 99A 250 05 (Medium).JPG

So instead of using a stick-on model, I just got a Scope-Eze "strap on" cheek rest which works really well. The elastic rear strap keeps it from sliding forward and the velcro strap on the bottom holds it securely and prevents it from sliding to the rear. I haven't shot the rifle with it on yet, but it is held on there really well; and best of all, there's no damage or permanent alteration to the stock needed.

S-E Cheek Rest (1).jpg
S-E Cheek Rest (2).jpg
S-E Cheek Rest (3).jpg

Maybe some of those here who have to raise or twist their necks to properly see through a scoped levergun would benefit from this gadget, it works really well and has a 5-star rating on Brownells. I got the 3/8" to 3/4" size and it works great -- now I can quickly raise the rifle and my eye is perfectly in line behind the low-powered scope.

All I need now is a BIG buck! :wink:

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