Gunsite - "Defensive Lever Gun & Single Action Revolver"

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Gunsite - "Defensive Lever Gun & Single Action Revolver"

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This course at Gunsite Academy is right on target for folks on this forum...

"Defensive Lever Gun and Single Action Revolver" (click for link)

"There is a warm place in America’s heart for the “lever guns” of yesteryear, which found their zenith in the Winchesters and Marlins that won the west. Many thousands of these pieces go afield for deer season each fall.

So too is the “Colt Peacemaker” series of single-action revolvers. Along with the lever-action rifle, the single-action revolver is iconic in American culture

Like the pump-action shotgun, the lever-action rifle is sturdy and reliable. It may be had in a wide variety of calibers, and when a sturdy sling and perhaps a low-power optical sight is attached, the lever-action rifle becomes a formidable weapon system, especially in the upper ranges of calibers, such as the 45-70 Government cartridge, which is used today for protection against Alaskan predators.

This iconic weapon system remains below the radar to those who don’t know its potential. Thus in areas where the semi-automatic black rifle is regarded as threatening, the lever gun is “just another cowboy gun”.

These qualities make the lever-action rifle an excellent choice for carry in a vehicle, where a fast, hard-hitting weapon system is available while remaining somewhat politically correct..."

Sounds like a great way to spend a few grand, after you include the travel, meals and ammo costs along with the course fee.

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