September Levergun Postal Match

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September Levergun Postal Match

#1 Post by Griff » Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:41 am

This thread is for posting of your pictured targets ONLY! If you want to brag on or cut someone's submission... do it in another topic... (Maybe here: Competition Shoot.

You can submit either a picture or a scanned image. Must include a description or photo of your equipment & load in your submission post. See rule #7... if we don't know who you are, you can't win... September 1 - 30.

BASIC Rules: - let's keep it simple -

1. Repeating Lever-action rifle, center-fire pistol caliber ONLY (.32 to .45 cal).
(a) Repeating Lever-action Rifle, center-fire Rimmed "RIFLE" cartridge. (.25 - .45 cal. with FN bullets appropriate to tube magazines. Need not be tube magazine rifle).
2. Shot in the free standing position. (unsupported)
3. Iron sights or tang sights ONLY - no fancy stuff - scopes etc.
4. B6 target - (link to download and print a copy below).
5. 10 Shots only
6. 50 yards (ish)
7. Image of target and with name and date written on target posted for consideration, Include description of rifle & load.
8. A maximum of 4 targets submitted for each Calendar month. (For both firearms... if submitting under pistol and rifle cartridge categories - NOT 4 each - let's not over-work the judges).
9. Your highest score counts.
10. Winner posted at the beginning of the next Calendar month.
11. Open to all members of the forum as of September 1st, 2017.

Approved target:

Scoring: Count 10,9,8 and 7 if you hit the paper. A full cut of a line counts to the next highest value. Where there is a tie the most Xs hit in the 10 ring will be the tie- breaker!

Good luck and get out there and get shooting!!! This will be my last month playing "admin" for the match. Don't make us do a military "volunteer", step on up and be recognized!
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