Lee Jurras Obituary

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Lee Jurras Obituary

#1 Post by JimT » Sun May 14, 2017 7:42 pm

Lee E. Jurras, 82, passed from this life early on the morning of April 24, a victim of the ravages of cancer. During his last hours he was attended by good friend Mike Hatfield and Lisele Bockes, his loving caretaker for the last portion of his life. As per Lee’s wishes, there were no funeral services and his ashes will be scattered over a caprock area of New Mexico.

Born in Florida, Lee spent his growing up years years in Florida, California, and Indiana. In his late teens he served in the U. S. Marine Corp, first in the reserves and then active duty. His involvement in the shooting sports while growing up, then Marine Corp firearms training, and participation in target pistol competition significantly shaped his later life.

After His USMC service, he returned to Indiana where he attended embalming school and embarked on several careers, often more than one at a time. He worked as an embalmer, worked in the family paving business, worked as a photographer, as a business owner, locksmith, gunmaker, gunsmith, and writer.

It was as a business owner of Super Vel Cartridge Corp. that he truly made his mark. He saw a stagnation in the development and marketing of high performance handgun ammunition. Seeking to fill this gap, Lee joined forces with a financing partner and put his visions into reality. By his ingenuity and hard work. he made Super Vel the leading ammunition for police needs, self protection, and hunting.

During this time he organized and sponsored the annual Outstanding American Handgunner Award to recognize the person who did most to promote the sport of handgun hunting.

Lee became fascinated by the development of a new powerful autoloading handgun called Auto Mag. When he obtained his first one, he stayed up all night disassembling and studying the gun. After the sale of Super Vel, He dealt with the maker of Auto Mag, designing and assembling his own custom version of the gun. The guns he made are now highly prized by collectors. Additionally, he formed a club for Auto Mag shooters, collectors, and fans, giving them up to date information on new products, reloading data, etc.

After Auto Mag production ceased, Lee focused his talents on the Thompson/Center Contender pistol. Again, he designed and built his own version of the pistol, calling it the Howdah. This gun was also well received by collectors and shooters.

During these periods of his life, Lee found time to go hunting. In addition to many, many varmints, he took more than a hundred head of big game most with a handgun.

Knowing that to have good friends, one must be a good friend, Lee developed great friendships with a huge number of people, both inside and outside his areas of endeavor.

We miss him and are saddened by his departure. Lee was preceded in death by his wife of sixty years, Alecia Halberstadt Jurras and grandson Jacob Manning. He is survived by daughters Michelle Mayberry of Hagerman, NM and Nannette Manning of Bluffton, SC as well as three grandchildren, ten great grandchildren, one great great grandchild, and sisterJamar Schessow of Santa Monica, CA. .

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Re: Lee Jurras Obituary

#2 Post by Sixgun » Sun May 14, 2017 8:00 pm

Lee sure was an accomplished man. Thanks Jim.----6
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Re: Lee Jurras Obituary

#3 Post by KWK » Mon May 15, 2017 11:24 pm

I hadn't heard of Jurras in some time. Thanks for posting his history. It was a successful life.

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