More $14.00 Borescope Pix - .45-70 Rolling Block

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More $14.00 Borescope Pix - .45-70 Rolling Block

#1 Post by Old No7 » Sat Nov 19, 2016 9:38 pm

Here are some more pix from the $14.00 Borescope from ebay <"Click here for the link, which includes the ebay info"> that a number of us have purchased -- thanks to Roy B for the original tip -- and I think these show the image and picture quality is pretty darn good!

These pix are from "The Beast" of a Rolling Block <"Click here for link to prior post"> I got last July. I used a cleaning patch ahead of the LEDs of the borescope, and had forgotten that the last time I had used a Kleenex -- as that gives a much smoother/cleaner surface to reflect the light off of, as you can see the weave from the patch and sometimes that reflects back onto the bore as "spots".

Today was the 1st time I'd ever put any rounds down the bore of "The Beast"... (Took awhile, I know...) For the first 5 shots, I played it safe and strapped the big girl down to the bench -- and all was fine, with no signs of any problems... Whew!
Rem RB 12 (Small).JPG
I didn't try too hard for groups today, but I did have fun plinking -- offhand of course -- at some dirt clods out at the 100-yard berm. I didn't hit them all, as this was the first ever firing and I'd only roughly bore-sighted it at 50 yards, but I scared a few and had some fun. For sure, it's not very fun to shoot off the bench, as the prongs of the Swiss Butt (Schuetzen-style) don't sit on the arm right from that position, and it hurts some; but shooting standing up, it wasn't half bad at all. Because it weighs in at about 13 pounds, now that I've added a palm rest to it, the recoil is manageable and it's actually less recoil firing offhand than off the bench. Guess I'll be getting a workout with this one, but maybe my offhand shooting for all rifles will improve from messing around with this one.

OK, enough rambling... Here are the borescope pix:

Reamer Marks at 6" in... Need to JB the bore in that spot:
RB45-70 6in 11-19-16.jpg
Leading at 8" in:
RB45-70 8in 11-19-16.jpg
More leading at 10" in; I only did a quick clean so far (777 was the powder used), but it's evident I'll have some load development and bullet/lube section work to do:
RB45-70 10in 11-19-16.jpg
14" and 20" down the bore, and she cleaned up OK:
RB45-70 14in 11-19-16.jpg
RB45-70 20in 11-19-16.jpg
I have to say, the more I use that $14.00 borescope, the more I like it!

And maybe knowing what's going on inside the bore will help me to: "Tame The Beast!" :wink:

Old No7
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