Mid October Elk Hunt (picture heavy)

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Mid October Elk Hunt (picture heavy)

Post by jkbrea »

Last month I went on my annual Wyoming elk hunt, except in an area I never sent foot in. Usually I hunt west of Jackson, but due to dropping numbers, did not draw a tag in that area for the first time in 25 years. So I got a leftover cow tag for an area about 75 mi east of Jackson, north of Pinedale. I was with a good friend and my brother. We camped in my 5th wheel on the Green River. Scouting the first day was fun. Beautiful day and lots of area to cover. The next day we woke up to about 10" to a foot of snow. Followed lots of tracks but no luck.
I was warned about grizzlies in this area so for the first time I carried bear spray and a .44 S&W. I had a Rem 700 .308 also. 15 minutes into my hunt I was taking a picture of some nice scenery when I noticed movement about 200 yards away coming out of some trees. At first I thought someone was driving a large ATV. It looked like a VW with legs. It was a grizzly bear running. I froze but it turned directly at me and kept running. Unbelievable how much ground they cover in a couple seconds. It got about 100 yards from me. I took my safety off and held up my rifle and yelled while waving my arms. Thank the lord it worked. The bear skidded to a stop, turned and ran into the timber. I radioed my brother and friend. They told me they just ran across 3 sets of grizzly tracks, possibly a mama and two cubs. I went the long way around and hooked up with them. We hunted a little longer and decided to try another area. After that I hunted with my Marlin 45-70.

Over the next few days we hunted hard but no luck. We saw bald eagles, ran across moose, owls, deer, antelope and some bull elk. We stopped for about a dozen cows crossing the river one day prior to opening day after dark. It was still a nice trip. Here are some photos.

Camp site day one and day two


Area where I encountered a grizzly...and his small footprint according to a local.

Getting my brother's jeep stuck, but got out easy with a winch
Made a couple rifle racks so as not to clutter the trailer

one day too early

Hunting area and Green River Lake

A moose and her calf. Tried to zoom in.
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Re: Mid October Elk Hunt (picture heavy)

Post by .45colt »

What an awesome Hunt Thank You for the Post.
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Re: Mid October Elk Hunt (picture heavy)

Post by Sixgun »

Kinda makes life worth living. Nice country, nice buddies, and no liberals.

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Re: Mid October Elk Hunt (picture heavy)

Post by wolfdog »

Looks like a good time.
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Re: Mid October Elk Hunt (picture heavy)

Post by Les Staley »

Looks familier.. I killed my Little Bighorn at Slide lake, to the left of Square top in your picture. It sure is rugged country, I was pretty careful hunting on foot alone up there. Glad you enjoyed the hunt.
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Re: Mid October Elk Hunt (picture heavy)

Post by 2ndovc »

Wow, what a beautiful part of the country! Looks like a great time.

jb 8)
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Re: Mid October Elk Hunt (picture heavy)

Post by superchicken »

That upper Green River country is something isn't it? I was back there about three years ago. It's a place that sticks with you and draws you back.
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Re: Mid October Elk Hunt (picture heavy)

Post by M. M. Wright »

Thanks for sharing those photos and glad you were able to scare the bear away. When I hunted Colorado, north of Pagosa, they gave you a couple of bear tags with whatever big game tags you bought. I guess they were for black bears though.

Anyway, beautiful country and a few days there can relieve a years worth of stress.
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Re: Mid October Elk Hunt (picture heavy)

Post by Leverluver »

Scenery is even better on top of "Square Top" and looking down. :wink: Of course I was a lot younger and tougher back then.
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Re: Mid October Elk Hunt (picture heavy)

Post by Griff »

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Re: Mid October Elk Hunt (picture heavy)

Post by gamekeeper »

Griff wrote: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
I'll add mine :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Re: Mid October Elk Hunt (picture heavy)

Post by Borregos »

Enjoyed that, thanks.
Glad the bear hoofed it!!
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