Another brass cleaning system

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perry owens
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Another brass cleaning system

#1 Post by perry owens » Thu Feb 19, 2015 7:17 am

Got sent his link to a magnetic case cleaner being retailed by a dealer in Yorkshire.
At £365 ($565) each I won't be buying one but they sell the micro needles separately so I might have a go at making one.

Perry Owens
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Re: Another brass cleaning system

#2 Post by JohndeFresno » Thu Feb 19, 2015 2:20 pm

Thanks, Perry -

Comparing this with the much less expensive Harbor Freight Chicago sonic cleaner:
1) Much cheaper,
2) No pins to mess with or replace as they get stuck in the cases,
3) Probably easier on the brass for longevity purposes
4) I suspect a longer lasting motor due to the application

However, look at how many cases it can do at a time! The largest model holds 12 quarts - a little over 10 liters. "Requires approximately 20 minutes for up to 300 brass cases..."

For me, the former fills the bill, but for a large reloader, this might be a great investment as a time saver.

It would be interesting to see a test of some black powder cases, as Griff did with his sonic setup. That would be the last answer, whether or not this new device makes cases "cleaner."

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