Dremel tool?

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Dremel tool?

Post by Old Savage »

Which would you fellows recommend?
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Re: Dremel tool?

Post by AJMD429 »

I've had two - one was whatever the basic one was they sold 25 years ago, and then I upgraded to another about ten years ago and handed down the older one to one of my kids, and both Dremels do well with no problems.

I definitely want variable speed, but I suppose they all have that.

I like having the accessory generic 'chuck' to use tiny drill bits with.

Both have the 'spindle-lock' in a position that is sensible mechanically, but I tend to bump it with my thumb when holding it for 'close' work.

So....I know that's not much help since I don't have the model numbers handy, but the bottom line is I bought the near-bottom-of-the-line models each time and was not displeased.

P.S. I think mine is like the model 4000 of the current line-up.

As far as 'bits' the DIAMOND chain-saw-sharpening bits were a great and practical deal.
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Re: Dremel tool?

Post by harry »

I have a battery powered Dremel tool but my most used is a Dumore, I’ve had the Dumore for 35+ years and only used one set of brushes, you can grind or polish for hours and it won’t over heat. https://www.dumoretools.com/hand-grinders/series-10.
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Re: Dremel tool?

Post by Sixgun »

Battery powered dremels are as powerful as Steven Hawkings neck muscles...at least mine was. I've done burned up 3 electric Dremel branded ones in the last 30 years but I use em hard........if you want power get a chain saw sharpener which is nothing more than a large Dremel tool...uses the same bits..........I have a three foot flexible cord on mine.......

I must have 300 bits of all kinds of pelosi for the Dremel......polishers, saws, grinders, drills,,,,,shapers.....and many times I'll just chuck one in the drill press, adjust the belts and pulleys and let em rip at 3500 rpms.
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Re: Dremel tool?

Post by jkbrea »

Sixgun wrote:
Tue May 14, 2019 10:06 pm
Battery powered dremels are as powerful as Steven Hawkings neck muscles...
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Dremel tool?

Post by FWiedner »

I'v got a couple of Dremels that I use when I need portability or to work away from my bench, but I bought a Foredom tool with a foot-pedal for my work bench.

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Re: Dremel tool?

Post by wm »

I have a 20+ year old Dremel tool that has been there and done that. No complaints. I inherited one that I think belonged to my wife's grandfather and then her father. Its a Dremel and it looks like it was made in the 50s or 60s. Still works. I also inherited a Ryobi from my father. I rarely have used it. It is also probably 25 years old but looks brand new because it basically has been gathering dust but it seems to be just fine.

Don't buy the $10 one Harbor Freight advertisers. It is fine for some light polishing but as cutting tool it lacks power and frankly its rechargeable battery has not got long legs. I use it strictly for cleaning up primer pockets.

I'm not sure that helps but that's been my experience.

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Re: Dremel tool?

Post by Tycer »

I despise my 200 series corded two speed.
I have a 20 year old $6 Target version that won’t die even though the front bushing is worn.
I have an old model with no label attached to a flexible I use on the bench.

I’d buy a 3000 series with a small kit and then add what I need as I need it. I would buy two tubes of thin cutoff wheels and a few reinforced wheels, a dozen mini buffing wheels, and a selection of sanding tubes.
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Re: Dremel tool?

Post by Pete44ru »


I would heartily recommend a real Dremel, and not a knock-off.

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Re: Dremel tool?

Post by Griff »

Pete44ru wrote:
Wed May 15, 2019 10:58 am
I would heartily recommend a real Dremel, and not a knock-off.
+1. I have 4 Dremels, 2 electric & 2 battery powered. The 2 battery powered are different sizes, and get used depending on what needs doing. Happy with 'em all.
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Re: Dremel tool?

Post by Old Savage »

Thanks fellows, I appreciate the input. Going to look today at Lowe's etc.
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Re: Dremel tool?

Post by piller »

Black & Decker RTX tool. Mine is 20 years old and more powerful than any Dremel I have seen. About 2/3 of the way to a RotoZip. Dremels are too weak to grind glass with a tungsten carbide bit.
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Re: Dremel tool?

Post by pshort »

Hi Fred,
I bought a "Dremel" model 380 w/ball bearings about 40 yrs ago...
Still works fine.... The bushing models are little cheaper, but the
bushings wear out...

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Re: Dremel tool?

Post by cas »

After repeated let downs and early deaths (5-6?), I gave up on Dremel brand tools. Bought a Black and Decker branded one (of all things) and it's been great for many years. When my father's Dremel died as well, it too was replaced with the same B&D.
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Re: Dremel tool?

Post by claybob86 »

I have a Dremel Model 260, which I've had for close to 50 years. The internal rectifier that came on it failed, a new one failed after a while, so I put a heavy duty rectifier in the power cord. End of problems. Replaced the brushes a few years ago. Other than the rectifiers, I have no complaints.
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Re: Dremel tool?

Post by M. M. Wright »

I've had 3 Dremel variable speed models that never worked to my satisfaction. I mostly use an air powered die grinder with Dremel tools. Couldn't get by without those thin cut-off discs.
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Re: Dremel tool?

Post by Grizz »

So, any thoughts on a die grinder as a rotary tool? the corded have much more powerful motors and with 1/8" sleeves will drive dremel size bits as well as standard die grind bits. I don't have enough air to run a die grinder yet, am only interested in 110v.

I have a harbor freight rotary which hasn't self-destructed yet. I bought a dremel when I lived in bush alaska, long before internet, and it self-destructed before I got any appreciable use out of it. every time I pause in the aisle in front of the dremel display, that old time memory pops right up, daring me to be creatively stupid...... OTOH, I am that guy that manufacturers dump off their disposables to.... anyone have any real-time die grinder advice?

thanks and good day y'all
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Re: Dremel tool?

Post by marlinman93 »

I have the corded Dremel with flex shaft so I leave the Dremel hanging from the ceiling and use the flex shaft attachment all the time. Mine is variable speed which is a must for various jobs. I've also got the keyless chuck to make bit changes easy and quick.
Had it for too long to remember and still works like new.
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Re: Dremel tool?

Post by JB »

I've owned a Craftsman version for about 20 years now. It's a six or seven speed (I can't remember), but it works great. I don't think the name matters as long as it's a quality unit.
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Re: Dremel tool?

Post by g5m »

I have a variable speed Dremel and also a variable speed Ryobi. The Ryobi is more powerful and shows that well but it has a fairly soft notch that holds the spindle for when you want to loosen the collet type chuck and I wouldn't recommend it anymore for that reason. The Dremel has worked well but I have overheated some of the smaller Dremels. Someday, maybe, a Dumore.
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